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Altera DE4-230-C2(0J)

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Ürün Kodu: TGM.TER.DE4-230-C2 | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Ağustos 2016 | Garanti Süresi: 24 Ay | Bu Üründen Kazanacağınız Puan: 929
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Altera DE4 Development and Education Board

Stratix IV GX EP4SGX230

  • 228,000 logic elements (LEs)
  • 17,133K total memory Kbits
  • 1,288 18x18-bit multipliers blocks
  • 2 PCI Express hard IP blocks
  • 744 user I/Os
  • 8 phase locked loops (PLLs)

Stratix IV GX EP4SGX530

  • 531,200 logic elements (LEs)
  • 27,376K total memory Kbits
  • 1,024 18x18-bit multipliers blocks
  • 4 PCI Express hard IP Blocks
  • 744 user I/Os
  • 8 phase locked loops (PLLs)

FPGA Configuration

  • JTAG and Fast Passive Parallel (FPP) configuration
  • On-board USB Blaster

Memory Devices

  • 64 MB Flash with a 16-bit data bus

Two DDR2 SO-DIMM Sockets

  • 400 MHz clock rate
  • Maximum theoretical bandwidth of over 102 Gbps
  • Up to 8-Gbyte capacity in total

SD Card Socket

  • Provides SPI and 4-bit SD mode for SD Card access

Buttons, Switches and LEDs

  • 4 push-buttons
  • 4 slide switches
  • 8 LEDs
  • 8-position DIP switch

Two Seven Segments

  • Two independent seven segments

On-Board Clocks

  • 3 Programmable PLLs configured via FPGA
  • o HSMA, HSMB transceiver clock source
  • o SATA reference clock
  • o FPGA LVDS clock input
  • 50MHz/100MHz oscillator

SMA Connectors

  • 2 SMA connector for external transceiver clock input
  • 4 SMA connector for LVDS clock input/output
  • 2 SMA connectors for clock output
  • 1 SMA connector for external clock input

Four Serial ATA Ports

  • Support SATA 3.0 standard 6Gbps signaling rate
  • Two host and two device ports

Four Gigabit Ethernet Ports

  • Integrated 1.25 GHz SERDES

PCI Express x8 Edge Connector

  • Support connection speed of Gen1 at 2.5Gbps/lane to Gen2 at 5.0Gbps/lane
  • Connection established with PC motherboard with x8 or x16 PCI Express slot

Two 172-pins High Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC)

  • 2 female-HSMC connectors
  • I/O voltage 2.5V
  • Total of 12 high-speed transceivers at 8.5 Gbps
  • Total of 38 LVDS pair at 1.6 Gbps

Two 40-pin Expansion Headers

  • 72 FPGA I/O pins, as well as 4 power and ground lines, are brought out to two 40-pin expansion connectors
  • 40-pin header is designed to accept a standard 40-pin ribbon cable used for IDE hard drives
  • I/O voltage 3.0V

USB Host/Slave Controller

  • Complies fully with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0
  • Support data transfer at high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed
  • Support both USB host and device
  • Three USB ports (one type mini-AB for host/device and two type A for host)
  • Support Programmed I/O (PIO) and Direct Memory Access (DMA)


  • DC input 12V and 3.3V
  • PCI Express edge connector power
  • Support PCI Express external standard power source
  • On-Board power measurement circuitry


Block Diagram

 Connect  MTL

  • Connect  MTL with  DE4


 Connect D5M

  • Connect D5M with  DE4

 Connect LTM

  • Connect LTM with  DE4


 Connect DVI-HSMC

  • Connect DVI-HSMC with  DE4 
    Note. Two adapters (THCB-HMF2) required to connect DVI-HSMC with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.

 Connect SFP-HSMC

  • Connect SFP-HSMC with  DE4

 Connect SDI-HSMC

  • Connect SDI-HSMC with  DE4

 Connect ADA-HSMC

  • Connect ADA-HSMC with  DE4 
    Note. One adapters (THCB-HMF2) required to connect ADA-HSMC with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.

 Connect DCC-HSMC

  • Connect DCC-HSMC with  DE4 
    Note. Two adapters (THCB-HMF2) required to connect DCC-HSMC with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.

 Connect HTG

  • Connect HTG with  DE4
    Note. One adapters (THCB-HMF2) required to connect HTG with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.   

 Connect   COMM

  • Connect  COMM with  DE4
    Note. One adapters (THCB-HMF2) required to connect COMM-HSMC with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.     


 Connect MSV

  • Connect  MSV with  DE4
    Note. One adapters (THCB-HMF2) required to connect MSV-HSMC with DE4. They are bundled in DE4 kit.  


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